A story of grains in the hands of Haemalgeum Farm



Haemalgeum Farm works toward the goal of building a happy farming village through culture, entertainment, relaxation and health based on farming, and strives to improve quality of life while creating a new farming village culture.
Haemalgume Farm Grains Fund
Haemalgeum Farm Grains Fund is a food fund that provides farmers a worry-free environment to fully engage in farming and directly supplies farming products harvested from hard labor of farmers to investors without intermediate distribution.
Farm Party
Farm parties are held twice a year to celebrate the harvest of our farming products with members. We open a small musical concert and give an opportunity to try out global cuisines in a farming village.
Farming Trial
We offer entertaining farming trial programs to peep into the farming life. Diverse programs ranging from potato planting, noodle-making, dough-making and noodle cutting to surfing, kayaking, scuba diving and citron picking are some of the cultural programs we enjoy in farming villages all year round.
Story of Grains, Noodle Ideas
From oat noodles, Korean wheat noodles, buckwheat noodles, buckwheat soba noodles to kalguksu noodles directly produced from our farm, we make handmade noodles and cook healthy dishes without using any additives other than raw ingredients.